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March 17, 2013
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The Best Gift I Have Ever Gotten

March 17.

It was the day that Italy and Romano would celebrate every years to remember their great unification. The day they became one, solid, and unified Italy.

The day they had realized one of the main reason for the struggle towards unification.

But this year was a little different. This year, instead of staying home and celebrating with a party, Italy and Romano were going to park.

With Spain.

Spain had invited Romano to go to the park for his birthday, expecting that Japan and Germany would pull Italy away to do something for the younger's birthday but earlier, Italy had told his friends that he wanted to be with his brother for his birthday.

Which is why, now Spain and Italy were sitting far away from each other on a bench, waiting for Romano to come out of the park bathrooms.

Since when did parks have public bathrooms?

"Hey, Feli? I need to ask you something." Spain said, breaking the uncomfortable silence that was covering them like a thick blanket. Italy looked over at him with a curious look.

"Go ahead~" He responded and turned his face to look at the grass field in front of them. He felt the wind blow gently against his skin and relished the coolness of it.

Spain pursed his lips as he tried to find the words to use for the question and sighed when he realized that he would have to get to the point. "Do you dislike me?" He asked, glancing at the bubbly Italian.

Italy blinked and wrinkled his nose, as if he was confused. "Why would I not like you? Did you do something that would make me not like you?" He asked as his thoughts began to say something else.

Dislike you? Ha, try hate you. I know you're trying to take mi Fratellone.

"I don't know... It's just... Lately I feel that you don't really like me..." Spain played with his hands and let out a sheepish laugh. "I must be really paranoid to think that you would hate me!" He exclaimed with a smile. Italy giggled and nodded, knowing that Spain was to oblivious to know that he was jealous.

"You're so silly, Espagna!" Italy exclaimed before turning his head to see his brother walking towards him. His smile became sincere as he waved over to him. "Fratello~!" He cooed.

Blushing, Romano made his way over to in between them and crossed his arms, muttering about squirrels and stupid birds. Spain wrapped his arm over the older Italian's shoulders only to get an angry shout and smack to the head. "Don't touch me, bastard!" Romano yelled.

Smirking to himself, Italy watched as they began to argue. Well, Romano was arguing, Spain was trying to ask why he can't hug him. Italy pursed his lips and looked around for something to entertain him. He caught a man selling gelato and bounced off to buy some for him and his fratello, seeing that Spain wasn't going to stay any much longer.

While Italy was taking his time choosing a gelato flavor, Spain took the chance to ask Romano a question that was burning inside his mind for a long time. He took his hands and smiled gently. Romano raised an eyebrow and began to pull away but damn, the Spanish man's grip was strong.

"Listen... The reason I invited you here... Is because..." Spain paused and looked down before returning his gaze towards Romano. "I wanted to ask you out... So will you go out with me?" He asked with a tinge of hope in his voice.

Romano sighed and pulled his hands away from him. He got up and stretched, yawning. "Sorry but I'm already taken." He said, turning towards the shocked man. Romano placed his fist on his hip in a sassy position as he heard his brother's footsteps coming towards them.

"Oh, did I miss something?" Italy asked as he handed his brother a gelato. Romano shook his head before pressing his lips against his brother's. He smirked, pulling back, and began to eat his gelato.

Shocked and a bit upset, Spain got up, nodding. "Oh... So you're with Feli..." He said. Romano responded with a nod and sat back down with Italy following and cuddling his arm. Spain looked away. "So... I'll leave you two to enjoy your birthday alone..." He said and left quickly. Italy giggled as he ate his gelato.

"I think we've made him upset." He cooed. Romano grunted in agreement and placed a kiss on his brother's forehead.

"But it's not his day. It's our day." He said. Italy shrugged and continued to eat. Romano pursed his lips before continuing. "Either way, I'm happy...I already have the best gift ever." He said gently. Italy raised an eyebrow at him, silently asking what the gift was.

"Really? You don't know?" Romano asked only to receive a quiet 'no'. He sighed but smiled gently, coming closer to his brother's face. "I have you." He whispered. Italy blushed and kissed his brother, tasting the gelato on his lips. He giggled before pulling back.

"And I have you."
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ITALY, ROMANO, AND I'M NOT SURE IF SEBORGA's PART OF THIS BUT WHATEVER! :iconyayromanoplz: :iconyayitalyplz: :iconyayseborgaplz:

Lol okay... So... Horaay for Itacest~! :dummy: I had this idea in my mind for a really long time and seeing that it was nearing Italy and Romano's birthday, I wrote it for them.

:iconheplz: Romano friendzoned Spain. //shot by a bunch of Spamno fans.

Nothing belongs to me~

Okay, just a little note, I will not continue this because it is a oneshot. Uno~! Meaning just one chapter. I'm kinda tired of being ask to make part 2 for every fucking oneshot that I have done like months ago. Sorry! But I have other things to do. I'm nearing the end of my eighth grade year and I need to work harder in my studies.
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Spain: why Roma whyyyy
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NostaligicDreamer Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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